Indoor Wireless Pet Containment

Dog Guard’s indoor pet containment solution acts as a wireless fence inside your home! This solution is ideal for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes to help keep your pet safe and out of trouble.

How it Works

The Dog Guard Indoor Transmitter features a wireless 360° signal, creating a boundary within your home. The transmitter is portable, making it easy to relocate this wireless fence anywhere in your home so you can keep your pet off of your furniture or out of specific rooms.

Keep your pet out of certain rooms
Stop your pet from going up or down stairs
Prevent your pet from getting into trash
Prevent your pet from escaping your home

The perfect addition to an outdoor system

If you have a Dog Guard Outdoor Dog Fence (or you’re having one installed), this is a perfect addition to extend your system to areas within your house. You won’t need to switch your pet’s collar or receiver—they work with both indoor and outdoor systems.

Dog walking out of room

“We are so glad we went with Dog Guard! Wonderful customer service. Our Golden Retriever would love to play with other dogs ALL the time, but this underground system is keeping him safe in our yard and he is not venturing into the neighbors yard to try and play! The only problem is that he doesn’t want to come back inside! Highly recommend Dog Guard!”

Allison M.
Happy dog sitting

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