How an Electric Dog Fence Works: Everything You Need to Know

Protecting 250,000+ Dogs

Our underground dog fence is a completely invisible system that is designed to ease the stress of letting your dog outside. Suitable for all breeds and sizes, this solution seamlessly fits into any size yard, giving you and your dog the best of both worlds – freedom and safety!

Professional training and unmatched service from our local business

We will train your pet the day of installation. We use a multi-step process involving a tone, flags and verbal command prior to giving any correction. We feel this is the most fair for your dog. This gives them the opportunity to understand the new boundary first and minimizes the number of corrections your pet receives.

Dog Guard Pro training dog

Your dog will be trained and off leash when we leave. We guarantee containment!

Once the dog becomes familiar with the visible boundary, the flags can be removed. After your system is activated, when your pet enters the reminder zone (typically 3 feet from the wire) they receive an audio signal with a mild correction stimulus, warning that they are approaching the boundary. If they continue towards the perimeter, the signal becomes more intense, reminding them to stay in the yard.
Our trained pet behavior specialists will work with you and your pet throughout the initial process to make sure training techniques and boundaries are clearly defined.

Customizable Boundaries to Fit any Yard

Unground Dog Fence Diagram With Garden LoopUnground Dog Fence Diagram With Separate Front and BackUnground Dog Fence Diagram Front Only

Transform the Way You Let Your Dog Outside

Locally Owned & Operated
Containment Guaranteed
Works With All Breeds, Sizes, & Yards
Professional Training Included

“We are so glad we went with Dog Guard! Wonderful customer service. Our Golden Retriever would love to play with other dogs ALL the time, but this underground system is keeping him safe in our yard and he is not venturing into the neighbors yard to try and play! The only problem is that he doesn’t want to come back inside! Highly recommend Dog Guard!””

Happy dog sitting

“It's been a few months since I had my underground fence installed. Wow, best purchase ever. My dogs understood the boundaries within a week - such a life saver to not have to go chasing after them in the snow! I love watching them run freely around the yard without being chained up. I highly recommend!!!”

Emily M.
Luck, WI

FAQs About Underground Dog Fencing

Do you offer financing options?

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Dog Guard doesn’t want you stressing about your pet’s safety, or how you are going to pay for that peace of mind. That’s why we offer financing on underground dog fence installations! Learn about financing

What makes Dog Guard different?

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We believe Dog Guard has the most effective electronic fencing system and training on the market. Dog Guard products are designed and assembled in the U.S.A. to provide exceptional quality and reliability. But our people are just as important. Since we are a locally owned business, you’ll be working with someone who is part of your community, someone who can provide support from installation to training and beyond.

Will this work with my dog?

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Over 250,000 pets (of all breeds and sizes) have been safely contained by Dog Guard systems throughout the U.S.A. Dog Guard receivers are customizable for each dog and we offer a 90-day money back containment guarantee because we are that confident that we can safely contain your dog!

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